Friday, September 24, 2010

Three weeks done already!

It's hard to believe that I started to write this post two weeks ago. I was going to say that school started off really well, and it really did start off that way. I'm learning that when things look too good to be true, they usually are!

Unfortunately, all four kids struggle with school in one way or another. After being out of touch for most of 7th grade, Samantha is trying very hard to reconnect with her old friends and make new ones. Socially, 8th grade is tough enough without having to deal with low self esteem caused by depression and anxiety. She hates feeling "different" and assumes that she somehow stands out. If only she realized that every girl her age is mostly concerned with themselves and are paying far less attention to her issues that she thinks! I'm just glad to see her riding the bus and socializing a lot more this year. I know that academics aren't a problem for her. We just need to keep her mood up!

Cameron is finding the transition to 6th grade a little difficult, but we anticipated that. For a kid that doesn't do well with change, middle school is a nightmare. There's more teachers, more homework and the middle schools here use a system where they don't even have the same classes every day. It's a lot to keep track of and Cameron is finding it all a bit overwhelming. All the same, the school has been very understanding and flexible, so I'm hoping that he'll adjust quickly. At least the school work is more challenging in 6th grade. There's nothing like boredom to stir up trouble.

I hate to talk about them together, but Addison and Sebastian seem to both be handling 4th grade pretty well, so far. They have new case managers, who still need to get to know them better, but it looks as though they are working well with the classroom teachers to challenge them appropriately, without pushing them too much. Other than the fact that the bus comes way too early this year, I haven't heard too much complaining from them yet.

Chris is still working from home, most of the time, so I have another pair of hands and eyes when I need them. With all the doctors appointments, homework and various daily "stuff" that comes up from day to day, it's nice to have backup. There really aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, although I suppose if I could figure out how to go without sleep... I guess I'd be rich if I could really figure that out, wouldn't I?

As for me, I peek out from under my rock occasionally to go to my Mugai Ryu sword club and Samantha talked me into taking the beginner kendo class. Taking time out for myself helps me keep sane and i might even get in shape. At some point I need to get some face to face friend time, but I keep in touch as best I can.