Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting ready for Vegas!

I'm still pinching myself, because I'm having a hard time believing that I'm getting on a plane to Las Vegas on Friday. Two months ago, I didn't think this trip was anything more than a a great idea. We weren't even planning a vacation, let alone an amazing one like this. Here's how it happened...

I was determined to see Nine Inch Nails one more time, since this is their last tour. When I found out that they were touring with a newly reunited Jane's Addiction (NIN/JA Tour 2009!), I was even more determined to attend at least one show. After looking at the list of tour dates and venues, it was obvious that the Las Vegas show was the "dream" show. I was pretty settled on going to see them in Maryland, since I knew at least one other person already planning to go to that one and it was probably the closest to us anyway.

Chris was the one who threw the idea of going to see NIN in Vegas. I thought he was kidding, but after talking about it a bit, it sounded more and more of a real possibility, BUT the logistics had to be worked out. There was no way we were going to bring the whole family, so we had to convince our moms to come down from Jersey to watch the kids. Somehow, they agreed. The next step was actually getting tickets to the show. This was the part that stressed me the most. Even though the venue is small, I obviously wanted to get the best seats possible. I was able to get 2nd row seats (blue dots, below) through the Jane's Addiction presale

We've also planned to do a few other things while we're there. So far, we're planning to go see to see Cirque du Soleil O, and to attend a NIN fan get together in honor of Trent Reznor's birthday. Of course, I'm sure we'll do some gambling and laying out by the pool. The most important part of this vacation is relaxing! So, from Friday, May 15th until Tuesday, May 19th, I plan to enjoy myself A LOT. Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... except for maybe some pictures and videos from our adventures. ;)

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