Monday, August 3, 2009

Something old and somethings new

My iPhone 2G has officially become "something old" because it was replaced by a spiffy and quite zippy, brand new iPhone 3Gs. I kept my same number so you won't notice anything different on your end of things, except that I might actually answer more often. This one seems to be louder. ;)

The 2G now has no phone service but it functions perfectly fine on wi-fi and still runs apps and plays music. We now call it an iPhone Touch (something in between an iPhone and an iPod Touch), and will be kept around for the enjoyment of my boys (Cameron, mostly).

Why just the boys, you might wonder. Well, Samantha has gotten her very first cell phone. For reasons that still escape me, she opted to NOT get an iPhone, even though we offered her one. She insisted on having a "real" keyboard, the better to text you with, I suppose. Thank goodness for unlimited texting plans!

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