Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eep! It's been a whole month!

Life seems to move rather quickly around here. There isn't a whole lot new going on, but I'll give a quick recap of November, anyway.

November 16th was my 38th birthday. I'm honestly not sure how that's possible, because that seems to imply that I must have grown up somewhere along the way. I can assure you that this never happened so my math must be off. Maybe it should be 28? Nah, that still sounds kind of grown up. Oh, I know! I feel as though I age half as fast as most people, so I must have just turned 19. Yeah, I'm gonna go with 19. ;)

The next big thing was Thanksgiving, which turned out to be a quiet affair, with just the 6 of us down here in Virginia. Logistically, it wasn't possible for us to drive up to Jersey, and the De Bari clan had similar issues up there, and couldn't make the trip down. With just our little 6-pack of Becks, it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving, but we had a very nice family dinner all the same.

Well, the biggest event didn't even happen in November. The man of the house here turned 40 on Wednesday. Don't mention it to him, though. He's a little sensitive about it (unlike me, who just denies that the years are adding up). In fact, he hasn't spoken to me since I made that comment about trading him in for two 20 year olds. I was kidding... really!

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