Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a tiring day

Today I took Addison to see a developmental pediatrician at the
Kennedy-Krieger Institute in Baltimore. It was a long drive and I got
a little lost (Baltimore is more confusing than DC!), but the overall
experience was good. I learned that the issues our "little guys" have
are uncommon but not entirely unusual. It was nice to hear that I'm
not crazy! I still have a ton of questions (ASD vs. NLD vs. ADHD?) but
I'll be taking both boys in together in three weeks, so hopefully I'll
get more answers then. In the meantime I'm learning all I can about
autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and non-verbal learning disabilities
(NLD) to see if I can arm myself with knowledge when I go to battle
the school over special education issues. Wish me luck!

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